Puget Sounds Authority on Winter Traction

anti-icing, snow plowing, snow removal

snow plowing, snow removal,  de-icing, anti-icing, liquid deicing, de-icer, snow plow, snow melt

Puget Sound's authority on
 winter traction!


Anti-icing treatments, De-icing treatments,
and Commercial Snow Plowing.




Ice storms- One pre-treatment will help reduce black ice, freezing fog, and ice for multiple days and nights. A treatment greatly reduces precipitations ability to freeze, form, or bond!

Small snowfalls- One pre-treatment will reduce freezing for multiple days and nights! Studies show your treated surfaces will melt clear twice as fast vs. an untreated site.

Large snowstorms- Your application will create a “teflon" like barrier assisting clearer plowing and shoveling. Snow may eventually build up, but your treatment will keep your surfaces much more passable, easier to walk and drive. 

We use the same process and approved "green" materials as Washington State's D.O.T. applies to our interstates and emergency routes!

Seattle Snow

Seattle Snow is a licenced trade name of Riedmann Enterprise LLC, licensed General Contractors # riedmel904p9

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