About the Snow Removal Experts at Seattle Snow and Ice Control.

Locally Owned

We focus on offering superior snow plowing services, but our company also finds opportunities to give back to our community. We encourage active involvement when it comes to supporting our Puget Sound home.

We reinvest in our community by volunteering and offering financial support to our non-profits, with an emphasis on food banks in the local area, human services, first responders, and our Puget Sound environment.

About Our Founders

Al and Krissy Riedmann are locals. Krissy grew up in Kent and Al is a frequent lecturer at U.W. and is a former board member at our UW Business School. Al is designated as an approved Expert Witness for snow and ice related cases for the Washington State Court System. Al is one of only two designated Certified Snow Profesional in the State!

Previously, Al was the General Manager of Washington State’s largest snow company for years. Then he decided to use the experience he gained to open Seattle Snow LLC. After providing the people of Puget Sound with more than 10 years of excellent service, the company is now considered the premier snow removal provider in the State.

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