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Washington State D.O.T. press release

Washington State Department of Transportation will increase our use of liquid anti-icers and deicers. Tests prove anti-icers prevent the bond between surfaces and snow or ice and are an effective treatment strategy.

Research proves that anti-icing treatments are a pro-active winter maintenance strategy that keeps and returns the roadway to bare pavement during and after inclement weather more quickly. Liquid anti-icers remain the products of choice because when tested, their performance in preventing ice from forming is unmatched.

After a two-year study, the liquid pre-treatments have been proven to work effectively in keeping winter surfaces clearer over long periods of time. The benefits of this program include a reduced potential for ice or snow at pre-treated locations and a quicker return to bare and wet road conditions.

Seattle Snow Prices for 2019


One treatment will last for multiple days and nights. Pricing for a treatment depends on the size of your property:

Small Offices - $250

Large Offices or Retailers (50 Stalls) - $350

XX Large (Hospital, Large Homeowner Association-Run Homes, Home Depot) - $450


Our service fee for commercial snow plowing is $250 an hour.

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